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4K HD Wallpaper Background- Godzilla ゴジラ for iPhone and Android

4K HD Wallpaper Background- Godzilla ゴジラ for iPhone and Android

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  • Toho Corporation's 1954 movie, "Godzilla", directed by Inoshiro Honda and based on the sci-fi book by Shigeru Kagayama, depicts a nuclear radiation-corrupted monster wreaking havoc on humanity and their efforts to retaliate.
  • 本多猪四郎が監督し、加賀山茂のSF小説を原作とした東宝の1954年の映画『ゴジラ』は、核放射能に汚染された怪獣が人類を破滅させ、その報復に奔走する姿を描いている

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