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Original 4K HD Wallpaper - Space Journey

illustratorIn the 1950s, the Soviet government funded extensive research into spacecrafts, leading to the creation of Vostok1 in 1961. This marks the first time in history for mankind to fly out and explore the cosmos.

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Original 4K HD Wallpaper - Fuji Street Scene

【illustrator】Retro, Mt. Fuji-inspired sunset colors adorn the street scene, creating a timelessly poetic effect. It's as if one has turned back the clock to a past era.富士山をイメージしたレトロな夕焼け色が街並みを彩り、時代を超えた詩的な効果を生み出している。まるで時計の針を過去に戻したかのようだ。

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